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Patent pending

A vacuum reading at each 5/16

Detect leaks, microleaks, and locate negative slopes to maximize production

About us

ERABEC is a company of passionate engineers and maple syrup producers who are revolutionizing maple syrup production through technology.

Our mission is to reduce maple syrup production costs and workforce demand while increasing their productivity.

Our solutions

Local Option

Real-time vacuum reading directly on your phone within the transmitter range (45m to 75m / 150' to 250' depending on the terrain). Identify and correct your leaks quickly during a tour of the sugar bush.

Complete Option

Access all your transmitters data remotely no matter where you are. Easily identify micro-leaks and areas to be releveled with our application.

Configuration and pricing

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You can also call us at 877-837-2232, and we'll be happy to assist you in setting up your system and help you explore the various options available to you.

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